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Hpa II recognition site distribution and number
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Hpa II recognition sites distribution and number

DNA methylation at the CpG site of the Hpa II recognition sequence is detected in the MIAMI method.  Therefore, the distribution of Hpa II recognition sites should be the same as CpG sites in the genome.  We searched for this distribution by the distance from the transcription start sites of 1,000 genes and found the same distribution.


Izuho Hatada
Biological Genome Resource Center, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation,Gunma University
It is also important to know whether Hpa II restriction sites are abundant enough to scan the genome.  We counted the number of Hpa II restriction sites in the human genome.  There are 2,300,000 Hpa II sites in the human genome with an average distance between Hpa II sites of 1.2 kb.  Thus, we found that the Hpa II recognition site has suitable distribution and density for genome-wide profiling.
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